I want to illuminate possibilities for others so that they can seize opportunities for themselves. If I care for someone, then it's my obligation to enable them along their unique path towards happiness and fulfillment. Be the inspiration that helps them identify and act on what they, themselves, care about.

How I strive to achieve this.

Tell the truth, to myself as well as others. Relationships that aren't built on authenticity won't last. To find and share meaningful perspectives, I must be forthright about who I am and what matters to me.

Exercise the freedom to follow my gut. If I care about something, I must make time for it—I don't view it as a choice. Forfeiting what matters to me is the best way to lose the energy that makes living and learning exciting.

Experiment when faced with the unknown. I'll never know everything, but I have the opportunity to learn more every day. Trying new things is essential for me to gain experience, even if the outcome is less than favorable; regretting not trying is worse than failing.

Lead by example. When I encounter people who collide with my values, I've found that being true to myself is the best gift I can give another. Behaving as I expect them to behave has yielded a far greater impact than debating their logic.