For when I'm working and playing at home.

Ideation and general use

This is usually where my process for any project begins. I want to relax while exposing myself to as few distractions as I can.

For this, I use a Lenovo ThinkPad T460s Ultrabook laptop with Ubuntu Server, i3wm, and MATE Terminal installed. It has a fantastic keyboard and a decent battery life. I bought mine used and can get up to ~6 hours on a 68% charge. It runs totally silent under normal loads.

To stay focused, I try to use as many command line tools as possible, including vim for writing, mutt for email, and todoman and vdirsyncer for my todo list. I default to the offline dictionary dict.

I frequently resort to my clipboard and mechanical pencil when I'm brainstorming or working through visual ideas.

Production workstation

Projects materialize at this station. I'm able to get into a "flow" and often utilize the resources of a more powerful machine.

I've had the same custom built PC since 2010 with its legacy i7 3.06 GHz CPU and 12GB of ram. It has a full ATX motherboard with a big, noisy case, but it never overheats and is great for when more hard drives are needed.

For programming, I have the same Ubuntu Server/i3wm/MATE terminal combination with Visual Studio Code as my primary editor. I only use one 1920x1080 monitor.

For animating, I use Windows 10 Home on a separate hard drive and the Adobe Creative Cloud. I attach a second 1920x1080 monitor when I'm working with animation keyframes.

Media and entertainment

Like most people, I'm at risk of spending entire afternoons and evenings watching movies and shows. To mitigate this urge, I've designated my Acer Chromebook 14 for all my streaming. It's deliberately small so that I don't get too attached to watching it.

I'm probably underutilizing this $300 laptop, since it has the best battery life I've seen in a computer, but it streams great and doesn't have suffer from screen-tearing like my other linux installations do.

For music, I have a pair of Edison Bookshelf Speakers that I listen to a lot of Spotify with. They comfortably exceed my expectations for their price point.