A lecture delivered to the plebe class at the United States Military Academy at West Point in October 2009.
Frances Frei describes the three pillars of trust, including ways to build it. Excellent emphasis on being your authentic self.
Daily posts from Ray Dalio about developing strong principles to live by.
Governer Bevin describes his beliefs about how culture creates preventable disasters like school shootings, not individual laws and rules.
Naughty Dog articulates how a game designer makes a good fit with their company and culture.
A list of situations we find ourselves in when working with other people.
Not itself a culture-builder, but it's a list of online tools that focus on leaving the smallest footprint possible while respecting users as much as possible.

An interesting take on sourcing viable business ideas.
A formula for evaluating the attractiveness of a business idea.
Today's unicorns essentially globalize distribution and then produce their own content after.
Gotchas for getting a new idea or product off the ground.
A table of the major verticals that can be drilled down into.
Phillip Morgan talks about specializing to make your business more profitable. His email list gives great information each weekday.

The unix philosophy. I aspire to adhering to these principles moreso in my own programming and life.
An amazing portfolio of work, neatly and simply presented.
Another super collection of simply-presented projects.
A take on saving your own analytics without any third parties on static hosting like Netlify.
Ubuntu apps that may help me make the transition one day.
A practical walkthrough of gpg.
How to browse from another trusted server's ip address.
A great, simple introduction to awk.
A cautionary tale about loading unvetted depencencies into your projects.
How to run babel javascript via a Makefile.
Simple examples of using ssh tunnels to a trusted server to bypass local firewall restrictions.
A case for preferring duplicate code over abstractions that make code more confusing. Also a hacker news comment that talks about optimizing code according to state, coupling, complexity, and duplication.
Talks about how hilbert curves can be used to shard data geographically.
A utility that uses wireshark to listen for the existance of people's cell phones nearby!
A layman's terms approach to good personal security on the internet.

Not sure if it's effective yet. I'm going to run some experiments based on its hypotheses.
Ray Dalio explains how economics works to the layman.

Nicky Case hosts a wide range of deep, thoughtful interactive experiences and posts. Content largely surrounds the idea of how people function and interact.
A tool for 3D drawing and animation.
Spaces in the conversation that are yet untouched offer an opportunity to pose a fresh opinion.
The author poses that if a person exhibits one particular dark behavior strongly, they're very likely to also exhibit a collection of other dark behaviors.
A writer takes on thanking everybody who contributed to him getting his morning coffee.
A video about a reclaimed wood furniture builder who sees his work as a small part in the much bigger purpose of the wood's history and the furniture's purpose and longevity.

I found Thomas Stoop through one of this "imaginary behemoths" pieces.

A method for developing character-driven fiction novels.
Describing how writing online is the fastest way to accelerate your career.