Gratitude notes for May 2020

I really enjoyed sitting in on a new meetup this morning. I joined a little early, and there were a few people already there. I’d asked just a small handful of questions, and another participant took out these beautiful notes that he took for himself to help him learn. He was playing its presentation down a lot, but I don’t think he realized how much better his digitally drawn notes are than what I’m used to seeing.

At lunch, one of our lunch buddies had technical difficulties. She declared that she was giving up on fixing it and that she would “leave to go cry now”. I know she definitely didn’t cry and it was easily the funniest thing I’d heard all day.

I’m thankful for the people today who were part of my life. It’s so great looking back towards the people who chose to spend time with me.

I’ve been really lucky to still have dance classes I can attend remotely. I’ve been able to watch instructors experiment and refine the way they host classes give us participants an experience similar to what we’d get in-person.

Some things I’ve observed:

It’s so exciting to find out what matters and what doesn’t matter. I don’t control what I find reasonable in a remote class, so when I find out, I learn something new about myself. I look forward to it because I’m always surprised!