Gratitude notes for October 2019

I saw a running man stop at a red light tonight and do a slow-motion robot dance for a full minute. A full minute, doing the robot at a red light. I was dying laughing the entire time. It’s like he was dancing in thick water, moving to smooth techno. Then the light turned green and he took off down the sidewalk. I won’t lie; I was very impressed.

I met an acquaintance for coffee this morning in a part of town I’m not used to. Tea, actually. I don’t usually have tea; I actually enjoyed it. We chatted about life for an hour and a half. I love that I get to meet people and have meaningful conversations like that.

Dance was great tonight! Typically, I watch my instructor through the mirror and try to copy what she’s doing. Tonight, I watched her directly, and I was surprised that my movements became more controlled and flowed better. I think I’ll keep doing that for the next few classes and will see how it goes.

I’m very grateful that, even when the people I value are going through difficult times, they remain safe and healthy despite it all. One day, that won’t be the case, and I feel so lucky and fortunate that today wasn’t that day.

My buddy got married this weekend, and the celebration was a nonstop string of fantastic moments that have left me feeling completely full and lucky to have people in my life who I can feel that way with. In the moment, we were all totally engaged. Looking back, I get to be all mushy and appreciative and even in reverie of the experiences I got the be a part of. Congratulations you two! I completely cherish this weekend and look forward to more chill times with trees in the future!

I took the scenic route down the coast today. I had forgotten how awe-inspiring the northern part of the drive was. First off, the views are really impressive; it’s one of those experiences that make you feel tiny relative to your surroundings. Secondly, the tourism is really endearing. People park their cars everywhere along the cliffs to get better views of the coast and the scenery around them. Everyone seems happy and very “present”, slowing their cars down over bridges to take in what they’re witnessing. Taking the long way home was a very good decision today.

I feel so incredibly lucky for the people I get to have in my life. I don’t have words for it right now. I’m just so unbelievably lucky.

Great dance class tonight. Before it started, I was trying to copy a move the girls were doing in the previous class. It was like one of those splits where your pelvis kind of pecks the ground and bobs back up all sexy-like. The other students burst out laughing when they saw me trying to pull it off. Needless to say, I did not pull it off.

Today, I was very pleasantly surprised by how willing people are to reach out via email to ask questions, offer help, and give thanks for things. Each person took time out of their day to write something when they didn’t have to. I’m very grateful that I got to be part of those interactions today.

I’m so lucky for my health and safety. I know I will definitely lose my health one day, and I’m glad that day wasn’t today.

I took the long way home from the dentist this afternoon, and it was oddly the most immersed I’ve been this year in the changing of the seasons. It’s hard to describe the feeling, but I’m really glad for the opportunity to relax and acknowledge how the air felt on my arm out the window this afternoon.

My dental hygienist and I were laughing today. It’s the kind of relationship you only really invest in about twice a year at best, and it tends to be hard to cultivate because of the nature of dental work. It’s fun hearing how people’s lives change over time and am thankful I have a dental hygienist who’s down to chat with me while they work.

I’m so lucky that I’m healthy and live in a safe place. One day, I’ll lose my health permanently, probably sooner than I expect.

I really enjoyed church this morning. I’d gone on a casual invite from a friend, not knowing what to expect. Everyone was so nice and welcoming. I’d met and chatted with half-a-dozen people before I even made it into the building. And as I walked in, who do I see front-and-center on stage playing his guitar? My buddy! Didn’t even know he played music! I feel so lucky that I get to know and spend time with him and his community, and I’m very grateful that they felt comfortable including me today.

I’ve had the revelation that I need to streamline my process for building habits. So today, I set up some tools for myself to make my goals easier to track and easier to maintain. I got to extend my bash and python skills today. It feels good to build my own tools, even if they’re just software. It’s fun to build things.

I stumbled across excerpts from somebody’s diary online today. I can relate to the type of entries eluded to in these excerpts, and it felt good to find another person who uses writing like I do. I’m glad I came across it.

I’m so lucky for my health and my safety. I’m not stuck fighting for my life in a war somewhere, and I know I’m one tragedy away from losing everything I know and love. I know I will lose it all someday, and I’m grateful it wasn’t today.

Dance was so fun tonight. There were some new songs, including “Hoochie Mama” by 2 LIVE CREW. I was really able to “feel” the music tonight and just sorta have fun with it. I’m also super lucky to have the instructor I do. I’m grateful I get to look forward to dancing each week.

Even after I’d sorta forgotten about it, a buddy asked me how my back is doing today. I think it’s so cool that he’d think to ask me how my back is for the past two days in a row without any prompting (it’s doing quite well, by the way). I’m lucky I get to spend time with people like him each day.

I’m really lucky that I’m in a position where my loved ones and I are safe and healthy. That could change at any moment, and I’m very thankful that today was a day none of us had to think about survival.

I had so much fun learning about boxing before work this morning. There was one point when I was being taught how to block wider punches, and it was super rewarding starting with just the arms then weaving the core and legs into the movements. It’s fun when I “get it”. I’m super thankful the person teaching it decided to teach this morning.

Dance was really good tonight. There was a good energy in the room and it’s fun when we just keep ramping the energy of the songs and the moves up. I’m grateful these classes are hosted at all and that I can join them without a second thought.

I got to see an out-of-towner for couple minutes today. I love being able to catch up quickly with people I like who I don’t get to see often. I’m glad we crossed paths.

I’m very lucky that I’m able to go about my day without assistance and without fear for my well being. I’m very fortunate that I’m not just trying to survive or not driven crazy from tragedy. My circumstances afford me freedom, which I’m very very lucky to have.

As I ran through the park, I encountered a group of young kids running and biking and chasing each other along the walking path. I slow down around kids; I can never predict their trajectories. As they neared, I felt surrounded and decided to come to complete halt. The kid on the bike at the end of the herd didn’t know how to follow his friends, either, and met my expectations by veering directly into a bush. I winced. Did his parents see that? Was I to blame? As confused as I was, he got his bearings and started calling for his friends to wait up, so I just ran on. I guess children just bike into bushes.

I did this thing today where I focused on my feet’s connection with the ground during my run. So long as I could feel my connection to the earth and there was no pain, I was able to find myself in a comfortable running form while still able to keep my speed up. I love that I can still experiment and learn how to have more fun running even after all these years.

I’m grateful for my Mom and Dad. I’m so lucky to have parents that care about me and that I can have meaningful connections with. I won’t have them forever, and I’m glad I get to talk to them at this point in my life.

I’m lucky for all the opportunities I’m afforded in my life. I’m lucky for how great my life already is and all the horrors I’m not faced with and don’t have to be consumed by. Something world-shattering could happen any day, and I’m thankful that it wasn’t today.

I’ve been reading articles from lately, and they’re helping me stay more mindful during busy times. She’s doing great at posting in channels I frequent, and her writing inspires meaningful reflection. I think it’s so cool that strangers can have such a positive effect over such a thin communication medium.

I got to have several fulfilling conversations today. I love days like these where I get to spend time with people I enjoy. I’m lucky to have people that would choose to spend time with me, as well.

Great dance class tonight. I was really feeling the flow and just having a good time. I love that I get to depend on having that release as often as I do.

I saw my neighbor walking her dog this morning. I only get to see the dog from time to time, but I played with it a few times when it was a puppy, and I always seem to know how to get it into “play mode”, often despite its owner. The dog and I got into playing stance this morning and almost totally derailed its owner from her schedule. I love that I get to have that connection with my neighborhood dog.

I had a moment on my drive home tonight when I was at a red light and peered over into the Shakey’s restaruant nearby. I could see a lady inside looking like she was enjoying dinner like she was on vacation. It struck me how closeby happiness really is, and it was an intense moment of nostalgia for me. I’m thankful I get to live in a time where people are free to up-and-get a vacation-style dinner whenever they decide they want one.

I’m very lucky that I have the freedom of how I wish to spend my time and that I’m not cornered into a position where I have to abandon my dignity or where I cannot cope with reality. I know it only takes one tragic moment to change all that forever, and I’m grateful that I got to have my freedom today.

I met a woman on my morning jog today. I go the same route pretty much every morning and it was the first time I’d seen her, so I introduced myself. She usually goes evenings, so it was no accident that we hadn’t met before. I’m thankful that it can be so easy to meet someone new during my morning routine.

I’m very lucky that I’m afforded my physical safety on a regular basis. I don’t have to worry about being in constant danger, and that gives me a ton of advantages in life. I’m very thankful for this privilege.