I was waiting to turn right onto a main street. A red light stopped traffic on it, so I looked to my left to see if a driver would let me in. That's when I saw him. A man in the passenger seat of a car had his window rolled all the way down and he was dancing. Dancing with just his head. In a circular pattern. Staring right at me. Obviously, I started doing the same, dancing with my head and staring right at him. Just picture two grown dudes glowing, dancing with their heads across an intersection together. I'm very thankful for the dancing head man today.

I really enjoyed lunch today. I'm grateful I can get together with a friend on a weekday and enjoy each other's company.

I'm lucky that I have my energy and can get along in my day without worrying about fatigue or pain or illness. I'm so used to having my health, and it will be gone one day soon. I'm so grateful I have it today.