Gratitude notes for September 2019

I was waiting to turn right onto a main street. A red light stopped traffic on it, so I looked to my left to see if a driver would let me in. That’s when I saw him. A man in the passenger seat of a car had his window rolled all the way down and he was dancing. Dancing with just his head. In a circular pattern. Staring right at me. Obviously, I started doing the same, dancing with my head and staring right at him. Just picture two grown dudes glowing, dancing with their heads across an intersection together. I’m very thankful for the dancing head man today.

I really enjoyed lunch today. I’m grateful I can get together with a friend on a weekday and enjoy each other’s company.

I’m lucky that I have my energy and can get along in my day without worrying about fatigue or pain or illness. I’m so used to having my health, and it will be gone one day soon. I’m so grateful I have it today.

I had a great time at dance tonight. I showed up, and a group of other students had a spot reserved for me up front. And in the middle of the class, the teacher wrangled me out next to her for a song. I love how inclusive and welcoming everyone has been with me, especially since I’m a relative newcomer to this group.

We played Secret Hitler (the board game) last night. There was a lot of laughter going on, as well as the usual accusatory banter. It’s fun seeing people elevated like that.

I’m very lucky I can go about my day without having to worry or think about my health or safety. It’s a huge privilege I have that is easy to take for granted in the moment. One day, my health and safety will fade or be taken from me, probably sooner than I could imagine. Today, I’m thankful I get to have them both.

Today, I got to connect with several people that I value and enjoy. It’s amazing how being with and talking with them just leaves me feeling so full and at peace. I’m thankful I get to have moments like these in my everyday life.

I’ve been loving “BOOM” by X Ambassadors for my runs lately. And the songs Spotify recommends based on it… I’m in musical heaven right now. I got a kickbutt high during my run this morning. Definitely owe it to the tunes.

I’m very lucky that I live in peace today. Nothing tragic or incomprehensible has broken me in such a way that my every waking moment is haunting and painful. I know how fragile my sanity is, and I’m grateful for every moment that I’m able to retain it.

Today I got confirmation that one of my tax bills had been revised based on some information the state didn’t previously have. I knew that the original bill had been in error, but I didn’t have much faith that it would actually get sorted out. When it finally did, I broke out into a full, victorious dance. Such a great way to start my day.

I saw my co-worker on my morning run this morning. We both had the same smiling reaction, like I’d just been caught doing something silly or embarrassing that neither of us had words for. Deep down, I know we both enjoyed the encounter.

I’m very lucky for the people in my life who I love and who love me. I forget sometimes about how much stronger I am knowing that they’re never far from me. My life would be very different without them, and someday—hopefully very far in the future—I’ll have to endure that reality. Today, I’m so incredibly lucky to have them.

I had a lot of fun at dance class tonight. There was one song where we paired up with partners, and I spent the whole time trying to copy my partner’s body movements. I sort of made a game out of it. I’m thankful I have these classes I get to have fun at.

Somebody took me for a walk today when I really needed it. I’m thankful I have people like that in my life.

I got a text message today that had me bursting out laughing. It was an unnecessary apology about not responding a month prior, and it was way over the top. I loved it. I hope the person knows that I’m totally okay :)

I’m really grateful that I’m alive and healthy and sane. My last day will come sooner than I expect it, and I’m very lucky I’m able to exist today without fear for my life or any threat against my safety. It’s a privilege I know I’m fortunate to have.

Several years ago, I began brushing my teeth with my off hand. I was terrible at it, but I never stopped doing it. Tonight, it occurred to me that I’m almost as proficient at brush my teeth with my off hand as I am with my main hand!

I had a fun day of research. On the outside, I was just sprawled out on my couch with long Johns on and the balcony door open, but it’s fun to learn and fun to discover how people do things. It’s also eye-opening just how big the world is. I think it’s been easy for me to forget that there are billions of lives on the other side of my own. I’m thankful I can still experience awe in the face of that reality.

I’m grateful for solitude. I become more deliberate with my time, given enough unscheduled amounts of it, and I often end up spending it in rewarding and valuable ways. I’m very lucky I an afford to spend time in solitude.

I’m also very lucky for my health and safety. It will probably run out for me sooner than I expect it, so I’m very grateful to have it in the present.

I got to see so many regular happy people out-and-about today at a very famous gym, a beach, and an outdoor shopping square. I forget sometimes how people go out of their way to be in these public spaces, and I was just fortunate enough to stumble into them as I was trying to spend time with other people. It’s a very nice time to be alive in LA.

I enjoyed spending time with several people today. I’m very lucky they value spending time with me as much as I do.

I’m grateful for my health today. It’ll be gone sooner than I expect, and my life will never be the same when it is. I’m lucky I was able to have my body in its full, healthy capacity today.

I really enjoyed dance class tonight. Everybody was really friendly and I think there was some comradery around the difficulty of the class; I could depend on the people behind me to reflect my looks when I didn’t know what I was doing. It’s so cool to see everyone in good spirits regardless (or possibly because of?).

I drove to work, forgot my laptop, drove back, got my laptop, and drove back to work again. The whole journey cost me about 20 minutes and I still made it to my first meeting on time. Not bad.

I’m very lucky for the people in my life who love me and who I love. I sometimes forget how much they influence my day-to-day life when they’re not even physically present. I’m very fortunate to have people like that in my life; I wouldn’t want it dealt any other way.

I’m grateful I’m not in a war or starving or sick and dying yet. One day, I will lose the safety and comfort I experienced today. Until then, I’m very thankful that I can live the way that I do.

There was a moment today where I sat still comfortably doing nothing for about an hour. It came directly after an afternoon nap, which followed a full night’s rest. I was in a position where I didn’t want to physically move lest I ruin the moment. I’m very thankful for that state today; I enjoyed it, and it lead to a very productive evening.

I got to see lots of people at the beach this weekend, more than there usually are. It was totally overcast because of the fog, but it was warm enough and the holiday weekend kept people out. I feel lucky that I get to tour an area with so many people in “happy vacation mode”. It’s a time and a place that can’t be afforded by everyone, and one day, it won’t be available to me, either.

I’m so lucky for the people I love and the people who love me. My life is so different for the best having them in it. I can’t take any credit for them being in my life; it was all chance and I’m grateful for them.

I’m grateful for inspiring dance videos. I love watching people enjoying themselves dancing, and I think it’s so neat I can just pull up an instance of that happening whenever I feel like it. Crazy, isn’t it?