Gratitude notes for June 2019

I loved my run at the beach today. My body felt great and the weather made it actually feel like summer. I waved at a lady who was taking a picture of me along the bike path. I got “the tingles” when I Don’t Deserve You dropped and running fast felt effortless, even natural.

I watched the roller dancers teach a class for a few minutes. A move was being taught where you move your right heel in front of your left toe and tap, then move it back to its original position. A small class of 6 were practicing. I’ll be practicing on my own later this week.

There were an unusual amount of cute children out-and-about today, the kind that make silly faces back at you if you’re bold enough to make one first.

There were many people with disabilities out today who could not have gone out without assistance from another person. I could be in their position at any moment without warning. I’m thankful I got to use my body today to its full capacity. I’ll lose my body someday, likely sooner than I expect.

I’m grateful for my parents. I really wouldn’t choose anyone else for the role. I wish I’d appreciated them the way I do now sooner in life, but I’m also super thankful that I see them this way today. Thank both of you for everything you do for me.

Somebody told me about the 6 factors for happiness today.

I’m grateful that my body (as a system) gives me helpful feedback. I could have grown up taking drugs or abusing my body in a way that would make my life very challenging today. I’m very fortunate that I’m able to operate in my world in a way that allows me to be happy more often than not.

The past 24 hours have been so great. I got to dance and make friends with fellow dancers. I hung out with old friends, sharing a great dinner and taking advantage of the pool/hot tub outside. I exercised with, met the family of, and spent an afternoon with a buddy; it felt like an actual vacation to me. I’m so lucky I get to be surrounded by people I enjoy that make time go by too fast.

I saw my co-worker crossing the street today while I was driving. We waved to each other and said hi. I love that I get to have moments like that with people in my life.

I’m really grateful that I get to live in a way where I’m not continuously worried about money or war or anything like that. I really do have all kinds of freedoms that most people don’t have. It’s something that’s simply been available to me, and I’m fortunate to recognize it and take advantage of that opporunity on a regular basis. One day, I won’t be able to live with such a degree of freedom and health and safety.