Gratitude notes for April 2019

Today was my third day roller skating to work. It’s been the best yet. I finally reached the point where I feel pretty confident spanning any straight, reasonably-flat distance on my wheels. What I noticed, too, was that I get a lot of control by putting my skates perpendicular to one another; I can get thrust in one direction by facing my other foot in its perpendicular direction. I couldn’t do this before I was confident skating in one direction, and I feel like a whole new set of possibilities of opened up for me.

I went outside to find an isolated place to work today. I’m glad I did. It felt like summer outside today and even had an “east coast summer smell” to it.

I’m grateful that I’m not in a concentration camp or a warzone or in a position where I have to physically defend my property from people who would take it by force. All these luxuries allow me to focus on things that may hopefully have compounding value, like software or the state of my own happiness. I recognize these are things I have been given, and I’m very thankful to be in possession of them today.

I really really enjoy running with energetic music. I just get transported to another world. It’s like, I get to be the main character in an action film, chasing down the bad guy or escaping the bad guy or whatever. It’s awesome that my body can still withstand it. I’m super glad I’ve still got it today.

I’m very thankful that I have free time. It seems simple, but it’s a big deal to me. Without free time, I believe my learning would be capped, and my ability to invest in myself would be strained. Straining stinks. I’m lucky I get to explore.

Really, I’ve got a lot going for me. I’m still pretty young. I’ve got good people in my life. I live without constantly fearing for my life. There’s a lot of ways this whole thing can implode or end suddenly. Until that happens, I’m grateful that this peace and safety has lasted as long as it has. I’m very lucky to have been born into circumstances that made this all possible.

Today was fueled by Shaka Ponk.

I hardly know where today went. I was engaged the whole time, minus a power nap before dinner. Despite flying by, today was the good kind. I was productive all day. I feel good about it, despite being cut short in the middle of my activities. I love that my experience is so positive. It could easily be dreadful or mind-numbing. That would suck. This is great.

I’m thankful that I’m learning from my mistakes. I make a lot of mistakes. I realize now that the same problems that were bothering me last week or last month aren’t on my mind at all anymore. I attribute this to learning from them and addressing them in my day-to-day life as second nature. Imagine if I had to consciously think of all my mistakes all the time in order to avoid them. Chaos.

I’m grateful for my health and comfort today. I wore comfy clothes on my fully-functioning arms and legs. I’m not sick mentally or physically (that I can tell), and that’s a huge advantage in this life. My health was given to me, and I’m very lucky to have it.

I’ve been listening to Run Boy Run Radio on Spotify during my runs and while working. It really gets me going. I love finding new music that gets me amped.

I had a really interesting/engaging conversation today about spending time investing in yourself. I’m grateful I’m able to do so, whether it’s because of circumstances permitting or habits I’ve been fortunate to develop over the years. It becomes its own reward system, too. More investing feels good and is more rewarding. I’m grateful to be in that cycle.

I’m so glad that I haven’t lost any limbs or body parts to injury or violence yet. One day, I’ll lose my physicality in some capacity. Until then, I’m really glad I have full use of a healthy body. I’m really grateful to be taking advantage of this body while I still have it.

I saw a new piece of technology today where the dental technician (?) scanned my teeth with a wand, resulting in a 3D model of my teeth and gums. Then the dentist was interacting with my teeth on the screen, flipping it around and getting different angles of it. The weird bit is that technology is moving so fast that I was almost desensitized to it. It was basically a hologram of my gums. I’m in the future.

While I was waiting to be served at the dentist, I stared outside at the view of various luxury cars climbing the Hollywood Hills. Nothing was on my mind. I was relaxed. I’m really lucky I can enter that headspace at a random time during the day.

I’m really grateful for my safety today. Somebody could’ve breezed through a red light and hit my car. Someone could’ve assaulted me on the street. I could’ve fallen ill to inumerable possible diseases and health complications for no reason. I’m still in running shape and can move it to high-energy music. I’m very lucky for all these things I’ve had for so long.

I spent the whole day doing whatever I wanted, which turned out to be grilling some chicken and learning how a pathtracing renderer works. I ate chips, practiced my video presentation skills, and don’t have to worry about my health or safety.

One day, I will, and probably for more than one.