Gratitude notes for February 2019

I got breakfast with a friend this morning. It’s just something we decided to do, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was at this cool location, too. In an old-school hotel; kind of funky in a cool way.

My whole day was spent with people, really. It was a really good day that way. It feels really good to be surrounded by people who bring you up. I think I’m luckier than I realize sometimes.

I got to have lunch with somebody yesterday who I’d never had lunch with before. I love these meals where I feel like I connect with the people I’m spending time with. It seems to be happening more often than usual because I’m simply making a point of creating time with these people. I wonder how many other untapped opporunities there are around me to connect with people in my everyday life.

Today, I watched somebody offer somebody else a hug when they needed it most. I didn’t even recognize that a hug would be the perfect thing in the moment. It was such a sweet, unexpected thing to do. I’m really thankful I got to witness that.

My body is approaching normalcy. I’m super lucky that my body heals itself. It’d be a different life if I wasn’t able to run again.

Great night at dance tonight. One lady was really feeling it and giving me fist-bumps every few songs. Somebody else told me that I’m their inspiration because I go to back-to-back classes and still have strong energy during class. I made a gesture to let he know how much that means to me, and I hope she knows that her saying that really made me happy.

I watched somebody take a big leap into vulnerability today in a public way. I don’t know how much the audience knew what it took to be in that position, but I loved seeing that courage. I made sure to communicate my appreciation afterwards. I hope people recognized how cool that was and find ways to incorporate some of that into their own lives.

I’m very thankful for the people I love and the people who love me. I’m dumbfounded that I’m worthy of people like that in my life.

Had a stellar little dance party in the office this morning before regular hours. It was totally impromptu. We did some waltz, just because we could.

We sang “Happy Birthday” to Tim. Twice. And he loved it both times.

I really am thankful for the people in my life. Thank you again for being with me.

A couple of friends and I just got done hanging out, eating dinner, and watching Roma. How sweet is that?

Dance class was stellar tonight, despite my pulled back. I feel like I almost do the moves better when my back is hurting, like I have to be more suave to pull the moves off and ends up being gliding gestures instead of gyrating.

There was one girl in the back of class who was there for the first time and was very engaging. While most people avoid direct interaction, this girl was open and made eye-contact when I play-danced in her direction. Just the little bit of reciprocation made the class feel connected for me. Of course, Carina, our instructor, is fantastic. I’m all-around lucky to have that class.

Hot tub was great this morning.

Great conversations throughout the day. I’m lucky I have people I can lean on and who can lean on me.

I hot tubbed this morning. How nuts is that?

A hundred tiny things happened today, and it’d be a disservice to point out one at the risk of devaluing the rest. It’s the people that matter. I’m lucky I have people in my life and that they chose to include me.

Tonight I saw a fantastic improv show. It was kind of a last-minute thing through an invite from a friend, and it was a great way to spend an evening with someone (and laugh a lot).

I really enjoyed my lunch with someone from work today. It was simple to schedule and was such a great way to make a connection with somebody new. I feel really happy that this person came out with me and was able to enjoy themselves, too.

We learned boxing this morning! I mean, we learned a few combos and practiced outside for 30 minutes. It was really fun. What a fantastic surprise on a Wednesday morning.

Great board game night tonight. Played two rounds of “Secret Hitler” and a round of “7 Wonders”. I felt really connected tonight, for which I feel very lucky to have.

Two different people told me directly today that I make it easy for them to learn. Each time meant a lot to me. To have people feel that they want to tell me that and then feel safe to do so makes me feel really full. Even if I just validated hunches they already had, it means a lot to me that they would come to me when they need help.

I danced with someone in the organization on the way to a meeting, and another co-worker joined in as if by fate. It was a beautiful two minutes that was totally happenstance and entirely perfect. Tim’s disco moves were stellar, and I loved them.

I ran in the morning for the first time in over a month today. My foot had been injured, and being able to move like that was exhilarating and very rewarding.

I’m very fortunate for my life today. Everything seems to be going well, and I know it won’t be forever or even very much longer. I’m thankful for today.

I was surprised to share the same anticipation of a noisy fart during a silent moment in the middle of a crowded room. It was from someone I totally didn’t expect, and it made the anticipation so much more exciting and enjoyable.

I’m grateful for the patience of one of my co-workers who came to me today to help me understand a principle he was trying to illustrate for me. And then he worked with me to find an even higher solution. I look up to how he approached the situation as gently as he did with the perseverance necessary to come to a better understanding. It’s a wonderful feeling to be inspired by those around me.

I’m thankful for the small vulnerabilities people will show me if I do my part and show interest. A moment like that happened today that made me feel connected and hopefully made the other person feel the same way. Those moments are both rare and incredibly valuable; I’m very lucky to have come across at least one today.

Had a great ski weekend. Excellent powder conditions, especially today. A cohesive group who all came together to enjoy themselves. I’m very lucky I got to be a part of it and to have all them in my lives. There was gratitude in all directions throughout the day.

Loved watching my friend nosedive into the powder and helping her back out. It’s funny to watch adults fall over like toddlers, and even more so when you know them.

We stopped for a late lunch on the way home and met two girls and their service dog in line waiting to order. They were sweet and I really enjoyed getting to know them for that short period of time. I was struck by how thankful one of the girls was about me asking whether I could pet her service dog. It seemed to mean more to her than I understood when I asked.

Listened to hours of electronic music on the way home tonight. Felt like a little concert of our own.

Everyone made it home safe, despite one of us breaking their snowboard and another irritating their shoulder.