Ryan N Johnson

I really like Ovaltine.

I really enjoyed eating with my buddy tonight. We got outselves a nice beef meal, some root beer floats, and conversation we were both engaged in. I'm thankful for how consistently yet casually we make time to do this together.

I took the wrong receipt from the restaurant. I had the one I'd signed and left a tip on in my pocket, and when I realized it, it was really easy to just call the restaurant, tell them the tip, and make sure they could process the order. It just felt good to be able to pick up the phone and get that done. It could've been so easy to just forget about it and never do it, but I'm glad I noticed my mistake and was able to correct it so easily.

I'm thankful that I have enough control over my time to make room for the things I enjoy and the people I care about. I used to give up my time too easily, and I'm so thankful that I've learned how to take it back and spend it deliberately and meaningfully.