Ryan N Johnson

I really like Ovaltine.

Another student in dance class tonight was laughing so much that I started laughing. It's contagious! I'd hear chuckling to my left and couldn't help but look over and start laughing too. I don't even know what she was laughing about, but she definitely looked like she was having a good time.

I ran an experiment this morning that was inspired from Brian Koppelman's Farnam Street podcast episode. I had the idea of storytelling in mind, but I didn't set any explicit agenda for my session, and I learned a lot in a relatively short amount of time! I learned which stories I value, why I value them, and was also able to identify some stories I already daydream about but haven't told yet. I felt full and excited when I was done. I also found that I had an amazing amount of energy to do this in the morning, much more than I usually have at night.

I got to see a friend's awesome homemade videos this afternoon. They were awesome. They were homemade and looked like a lot of fun to make. Watching them reminded me how much fun it was to make videos growing up, too, and left me feeling inspired.

I'm so grateful for the people I'm able to connect to in my life, be it in person, through text, or otherwise. That could all disappear in a moment, and I'm incredibly fortunate to have enjoyed that time for as long as I already have.