Ryan N Johnson

I really like Ovaltine.

I really enjoyed church this morning. I'd gone on a casual invite from a friend, not knowing what to expect. Everyone was so nice and welcoming. I'd met and chatted with half-a-dozen people before I even made it into the building. And as I walked in, who do I see front-and-center on stage playing his guitar? My buddy! Didn't even know he played music! I feel so lucky that I get to know and spend time with him and his community, and I'm very grateful that they felt comfortable including me today.

I've had the revelation that I need to streamline my process for building habits. So today, I set up some tools for myself to make my goals easier to track and easier to maintain. I got to extend my bash and python skills today. It feels good to build my own tools, even if they're just software. It's fun to build things.

I stumbled across excerpts from somebody's diary online today. I can relate to the type of entries eluded to in these excerpts, and it felt good to find another person who uses writing like I do. I'm glad I came across it.

I'm so lucky for my health and my safety. I'm not stuck fighting for my life in a war somewhere, and I know I'm one tragedy away from losing everything I know and love. I know I will lose it all someday, and I'm grateful it wasn't today.