I asked someone today “what’s something that surprised you in a positive way since you’ve been in your current job?”, and their response was wonderful. It was about how the people in their field had impressed them so much by how long they stayed in it and the depth of knowledge they’d accumulated as a result. They hardly had to stop to think about that answer. I’m very thankful that I asked and that they were so available to answer.

I attended a really neat talk online today. It opened with some one-on-one icebreakers with another attendee to ease into it, and then the hosts conducted a very high-impact, high-energy group interview. The experience was impressive compared to other 60+ participant talks I’ve attended, especially online. I walked away with an interesting model for why people might not connect as well as they could: seeing people as “people” and seeing people as representatives of x, y, or z.

I’m so lucky for the people in my life and the time I spend with them. I hope they feel the same way.