Ryan N Johnson

I really like Ovaltine.

I had meaningful one-on-one conversations with three different people today who I either just met or have met only once in a limited capacity. Additionally, I had a fun email chain that ended this morning and brightened my day with the ending message of "strive [to be] your best and enjoy what you do, something good will come out of it". I'm thrilled with how lucky I am for the people I get to meet in my everyday life.

This one's kinda vague, but I'm so greatful for the freedom to experiment with things that I'd like to improve in my life. I think something, and I'm able to just do it. I have the time and liberty to go for it. I think my life would look very different if this freedom were not available to me.

There were fireworks late last night for the lighting of the Christmas tree in a shopping center nearby. I didn't know what the sound was at first. I didn't see the fireworks themselves, and a part of me wondered if it were something more destructive and violent. I'm grateful that I don't live in a time or place where fearing for my safety is a part of everyday life or even fathomable in terms of warfare. It's just luck that my life has turned out this way so far.